Tackling Fraud - Report your Suspicions

Please use the form below to inform us of anyone who you know that is committing benefit fraud. Benefit fraud is a serious offence and Hastings Borough Council takes it very seriously.

Details of the person you think is defrauding Hastings benefits system. Please give as much information as possible.


Name of the Person



We need to be able to identify the claimant from the many thousands that claim.

What is the person doing? How are they defrauding the system?

Please enter as much information as possible to identify the true extent of the fraud.

What further background details can you tell us?

Such as: Partner's name, place of work, distinguishing features, Car make/model/registration etc.
All allegations of benefit fraud will be investigated. Please note that this form is completely anonymous. However, if you wish to give us your name or a telephone number, in case we need to clarify a certain point or to get further information, please enter details below.

Your contact details

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